5 weeks, 5 cool workouts, 5 amazing moments to share with our community. For most of people it’s just an awesome experience and of course lots of fun and sweat!

For some of our athletes it’s more than just fun. It’s their big chance: the chance to compare their achievements with the rest of the world and of course a chance to earn their ticket to the CrossFit Regionals. Our goal when we started our Competition Team was to give athletes a platform to train at a higher level and to support their path to success. Today our Comp Team has 15 athletes and a real opportunity to have “Switzerland’s Fittest” at our Box once again.

Jonas Müller has already been to the regionals four times, and training hard to make it for the fifth time. He is not only an athlete and coach, but also a motivator for our younger athletes and a role model for many of us. And then there’s Kusi, who finished as Nr. 1 in his master category last year and has trained even harder this past year. Unbelievable how much work he puts in. It’s great for our Box to be a part of these journeys: supporting friends on their way to the Regionals.

But The Open is not just for our competition team: it’s for EVERYONE! There are RX, Scaled, Masters (from age 35) and Teen divisions. Do it for fun, do it for your community, do it for your fitness! You will be able to complete all the workouts together with your friends at our box and compare your achievements with Crossfitters from all over the world. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even push yourself beyond what you thought you could achieve.

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Register here: https://games.crossfit.com/cf/login?returnTo=%2Fregister%2Fathlete&flow=games